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CE Light - Code P0170 Fuel Trim

I've recently replaced my air filter and my fuel filter in a '97 C230. I think they were both the original filters. I replaced them with OEM parts from Fast Lane.

The CE light came on a couple of days later and I took it to AutoZone to have the code read. It came up P0170 Fuel Trim Malf. I've looked through most of the posts relating to the same issue. I see most people say it is the MAF meter. I have also seen things about checking actual values, adaptation, vacuum lines, O2 sensors, etc.

Does anyone have a list of things to check systematically to narrow it down to the MAF?

Do you think I need to reset the light (disconnect battery) since I just changed the air filter?

If I can get a list of values to check (and how to check them, e.g. , at idle, 200 RPM, etc) I will go back to AZ and see if I can read the actual values.

'97 C230
'03 Honda CBR600RR
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