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oil all over the engine

Help! As much as I love my Saydee, I'm ready to light a match to her. Two weeks ago she left me stranded 3 hours away from home in a little town that didn't even have a coffee shop that opened before 11 a.m. Here's what happened: I'd been on the road for about 10 hours already so decided to check the oil. I let the guy at the station do it because I had trouble getting the oil cap off, plus it was about -30 outside. He filled it up and I was on my way but just outside of town the oil light came on. I pulled in to the next town and popped the hood. There was oil all over the engine! I rented a trailer and towed her home because there was no decent mechanics to be found. I left her with my mechanic when I got back. He cleaned the engine and filled the oil, but couldn't find any leaks. He told me to be on my way and call him if anything went wrong. It ran great for 2 weeks but did the exact same thing the other day. Is it possible that I need to replace my oil filler cap? A friend of mine suggested that because the cap was freezing, air was being compressed and eventually causing the oil to blow out wherever it can. Would a heated dipstick solve the problem? I've heard lots of suggestions but no definite solutions and decided it was time to ask the experts. Please Help!!!
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