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Ahh so its not just as easy as ignition components eh?

I have noticed the car has started taking a little longer to start when cold, but only by a second or two.

I would think that a fouled up plug might cause this.

Other than that, my gas mileage is actually a little better than it was before I noticed this.

I was averaging 200 miles per tank city driving, with a somewhat heavy foot, but my last tank did 220 miles, and the gas light wasn't even on yet.

Based on that do you still think it could be fuel related or do you think the injector might just be a little carboned up?

Thanks for the help, I'd like to change the plugs/cap/rotor anyway so I can keep track of mileage, so I'm not concerned with spending money to do that.

I will take it to my local tech to have it checked out in a few weeks when I am not so busy with work. Unfortunately Benzmac, you aren't local to me so I can't bring it to you which is what I would really love to do hehe.

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