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I'm posting this because I feel I should always conclude my request for help with the solution even if it risks making me look dumb. Who knopws maybe this will help someone with an older MB.

After pouring over the crummy scanned schematic from my 107 shop CD I located the problem. I was not getting any power to pin 30 at the hazard push button module. Pin 30 should always be hot even with the ignition off since it's for the hazards. Turns out that the #1 fuse although visually OK was not making good contact in the holder. Cleaned it up and it's fine now. Pin 15 (from #12 fuse) gets power to the flasher system with the ignition switch on and this allowed the left/right flashers to work.

If the flasher relay works for turn signaling and doesn't work for the hazard it seems kind of obvious that the flasher relay is not the culprit.

I always check my fuses first but did not take the time to remove and clean them this time. I'll never forget this one.

Only consolation is that I know the blinker/hazard system real well now even with a barely readeable schematic.
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