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Question 380SEL Engine Problems Need help as soon as possible

All of a sudden my 380 decided one day to shake badly while idling and shaking more heavily when gear is in D and sitting at a light lets say.

I have recently replaced the cold start valve with another used one and has improved the starting but not the engine shaking.

It shakes all the time...cold or hot and the economy guage has showed an increase also while idling. When cold and you want to proceed the acceleration doesnt react press the gas, the economy rises to near red and 3 secs later the car will accelerate and go.

It will do this until its warmed up a bit.......sortive like its surging.

I was thinking it could be a vacuum leak but not sure. How did this happen overnight? I really dont know where to look and help would be greatly appreciated as soon as possible.

99 C43
98 S420
99 C230K
01 C240
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