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I have only owned one BMW and it was no good, but I always hoped that others was not as bad. A few years ago- I had a 1982 BMW 735i. What a piece of JUNK it was. The car had a certain sensor, that would not let the car start when it was hot unless it was unhooked. However, when it was cold, it would not start unless it was hooked up. The aircleaners on these cars was bad for breaking as well. The steering wheel also had an awful "squeak" when it was cold outside while the wheel was turning. The car had numerous squeaks and rattles, the climate control was completely inoperable. The buttons would not stay pushed in, the radio had been removed when I bought it and there were loose wires just hanging in the opening. The illumination lights in the window switches in the console were always illuminated, even with the ignition off. I only bought this car as a second work car and the good news is I only paid $650 for it, so I could not complain. I also later found out that it had a 2.8L engine out of a 5-series, so it was not even the original engine, but still that car would simply FLY. It was one of the fastest cars I had ever driven, even with that smaller non-original 2.8L. I guess the car had been abused. I also learned it was originally a northern car and I found rust hole in the trunk, as well as rust on the passenger floor panel. Needless to say- I wanted to get rid of that car. I advertised it for I think $1000. I do not remember exactly what I sold it for, but it was a little more than I actually gave for the car, so I was happy about that. That was many years ago, so I do not remember the details. I do know that car has kept me from buying another BMW. I know this was only one car and I am sure there are some good BMW's out there. I considered a 89 735iL before, but passed on it.

I most recently got to take a ride in a 1997 BMW 740IL to drive down to see the Lexus I bought. That BMW was a great riding car, with some neat features. However, when I shut the passenger side door, the door handle on the door panel seemed way to flimsey for a premium luxury car. It had too "give" in it when I pulled it.
I am going to stick with Mercedes, Lexus, Toyotas, Acuras, Hondas & Nissans and perhaps someday a new Chevrolet Silverado.
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