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As far as the rear seat adjustment, sounds like one of the switches has gone bad is is poorly connected. My rear seat has stopped adjusting, and for now I will let it be as it keeps the chillen from playing with it (suginami, I figured why it stopped working wwhen you tried it - the driver's side switch is dead). An easy check for the bad switch is done at night, the switch should be back lit, so check for back lighting, the dark one is the bad one.

I suspect about the same for the heater switch, probably bad or a poor connection. If fact I will venture a guess and expect you will find the dark adjustment switch on the same side as the switch which always shows heat. I cannot remember how similar the pin layout is for the two swicthes, but it might be possible they are crossed.

EDIT: in a quick re-read of the original post I see that the passenger side was worked on. That is where I would start.
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