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i've recently had some bad news about my 240D cylinder head. the machine shop has come to the wallet wrenching conclusion that my valves are too thin to regrind, therefore new ones are in order as well as guides and stem seals. the shop wants 540 bucks to do this all themselves (in which case i would rather buy a new one for 595). their parts their laybor their warranty. i can shave off 120 bucks if i use my own parts (less expencive parts) and their laybor, no warranty. now, here is where the question lies. i was thinking (dangerous, i know....): what if i bought my parts, installed the new valves, stems and seals myself, and then had the shop mearly grind and seat the new valves for 100 or so bucks? here is where you all come in. please let me know if this can or cant be done as a home job. all i should have to do is install new valves guides and stem seals. if anyone has ever gone this route before, please let me know. awaiting you vast knowledge,
william gum
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