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A few more details

Thanks for the reply. I searched, but didnt really find anything other than the typical reply of "they are known to do that"

On her car, it is worse than a "they all do that". If any did it to the degree her's does, Mercedes would have been slammed for building such a car with that defect.

Also, it has been getting worse over the last few months. When I first drove it, not that bad or noticeable, and I did put it off to being 'thats the way the car is'. But lately, it feels as if the driveshaft or trans is moving a few inchecs up or down when it engages. But at the same time, I dont feel it is tranny mounts or bad u joint in the driveshaft. In fact, no idea of the drive shaft has joints as I havent found much info on the car.

I personally feel it is a hydralic pressure problem internal to the transmission, as I have seen ZF trannies do this before breaking. I am clueless to what the Mercedes tranmissions looks like or how it works.

WHich brings another question, are there any other sources, websites that have technical data about the W107? I have found some, but none very useful say compared to what I have found on my BMW's. With them, almost any and every procedure or problem is documented and usually there is a how to page about it.

Thanks for the help.

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