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Originally posted by mbtjc
First time I'd ever heard that. What about everyone else? Or am I that much in the dark? :p
The lights are out there...

That is convention. I've owned two BMW cars, but no bikes. However, as a biker, I've run into literally thousands of BMW riders. Both have highly active clubs.

Beemer is a bike. Bimmer is a car.

It used to be kind of an insider code that BMW nuts knew, but has gone well beyond that now. However, among BMW nuts, refering to your car as a Beemer paints you as non-enthusiast Yuppie scumbag that bought the flying propeller (you did know the Roundel was a flying propeller, right?) for it's cache and not it's driving experience and superb engineering.

I have met a few older MB enthusiasts of late that thinkt he same thing of the term "Benzo." It shows someone that likes the Star for it's "Star" quality and knows little about the car. My jury is still out.

And yes, there is a difference in Ferry and Butzi's last name and the thing that hangs around the door to your house.
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