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Oil consumption 602/603

Over the years we have seen a number of later 602/603 motors with real high oil consumption. Most got traded.

Last year we bought a 300SDL that had been condemned by another shop. It had so much oil going through the motor that it drained out of the tailpipe. We bought the car for scrap value and decided to examine the engine.

When we pulled the cylinder head we found that the number one cylinder had completely blown its head gasket into the timing chain galley. Every intake stroke sucked a gulp of oil and pumped it into the exhaust. The car had a dead miss.

This week we had a 91 300D 2.5T in the shop. It has a little diesel rattle but runs on all cylinders. The complaint is that it blows smoke so bad that those behind have to pull off the road. We thought we had a turbo problem but were real worried about the blow-by. We dropped the down pipe and it was sooty but dry. We ran the car with the cross pipe from the turbo to the intake; no difference. We hooked up an temp fuel supply and ran it with clean diesel. We TOOK a compression check. We should have guessed when the first time through the #1 cylinder was off 75psi from the others but the second time on #1 looked about the same.

Take a look at this picture and the following reply (I don't know how to do two pictures in one post):
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