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The technical publications (the CD rom and Alldata) that I am reviewing shows a "main seal installation tool" P/N 601 589 03 43 00. In addition a couple of other items are "crows foot" P/N 126 589 00 01 and "tranny support" P/N 140 589 02 62 00. I guess that you should be able to use a trans. jack to serve the same purpose of the tranny support. I will look at that some more.
Now in reviewing the data and looking inside the bell housing I notice that I have what is called the "stretch bolt" that holds the driven plate on. I would imagine the thing to do is replace these bolts with the "internal torx bolts and I would tighten them to the specs which says 45 Nm + 90 degree tightening angle. Based on what I am reviewing it looks like the 90 degree tightening angle is making sure that you hold the torque wrench perpendicular to the socket to insure accuracy. Now a couple of more questions.
a) The CD says that as of May 1995 the stretch bolt was replaced with an Internal torx T55. Shouldn't I go back with the "upgrade" of the internal torx during reassembly?
b) Donnie is there another term for the "transmission front pump seal". I do not find that particular term referred to in the CD or Alldata.
Any other comments/thoughts are welcome

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