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Take the door panel off to start with. It isn't a big job and if you start farting around spraying this and that lubricants (Note' WD-40 is NOT a lubricant so don't count on it lasting) you are just going to end up with a messy window that probably still doesn't work.

When you remove the panel slide a thin piece of metal down the side until it hits the little tabs that hold the panel to the door frame. The best tool for this is a small pry bar called a Wunder-bar. They make a small one, about 6 inches long, but any size will do. DO NOT try to PULL the panel off. You will pull the tabs out of the Masonite backing and probably break the paneling in the process.

Once the panel is off all problems will become evident. You can remove the two bolts that hold the wildow to the regulator (the two cross arms that move the window up and down) and slide the window up. There may be some binding in the track. If it moves freely then the problem is either in the regulator or the motor. As I remember I think that the motor comes out farely easily. With it out you can test it (use a battery charger for a power supply) and move the regulator manually.

If all the above fails then you need an entirely new car because yours is obviously possessed by deamons.
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