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Updated Info on the '83 300 C Turbo

I have additional info on this car...
It has only 135,000 miles on it...which comes out to a little less than 8,000 per year.....The seats are in excellent shape and the $1,000 sheep skin seat covers were a grad present to the hubby.
She told me the only two things she knows that are wrong with the car are these; A missing rubber strip across the front bumper and the cruise control doesn't work. She also told me there is a heater in the pan and an outlet plug to keep it warm.
I also asked her about rust and she said unless there is rust underneath the body, she says there is none anywhere on the exterior that she knows of.
So, in my opinion, sounds like a good $4,000 investment at this point.
Additionally, she lives near DC and I live in Charlotte. I will probably have much less use of the heater than she does up there. It usually stays above freezing here except a few days during the winter.
So I guess the next step is to fly up and take a look at it and drive it home!
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