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Thanks for the correction ya'll. After looking at the picture again it does look like they are just showing turning it 1/4 turn or 90 degrees after reaching 45 Nm.

The print out from the CD has the following note:
If no tightening angle wrench is available, the stretch shank bolts can be tightened further to the specified angle in a single operation (this is what you are referring to I think) with a wrench socket and tommy bar. A flexi-rod torque wrench must not be used for tightening according to degrees of angle in order to avoid angle errors.
In addition, it goes on to say - The internal torx bolts installed as of May 1995 must be used only once and should be replaced after each removal and installation operation. The torque chart for the internal torx bolt does not make any reference to "stretch shank diameter".
If I decide to undertake this job I will plan on using all new internal torx bolts, tightening to 45 Nm and then 1/4 turn. If this is not right please let me know. I have done this before on a Japan built vehicle but on that one I just torqued the bolts to what the manual said.
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