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Question Single-to-double t-chain part 2

First, I'll say happy t-giving to everyone. Now a couple more ?s for some of the very helpful senior members: 82 380 sel. 3.8. I got the whole t-chain cover off w/o a problem: no broken bolts believe it or not. Prior to removing the cover, I set the timing to TDC "0" degrees via harmonic bal. the marks on both cams line up w/ the notches on the front cam bearings. Being that the car ran w/o a problem before teardown, would I need offset woodruff keys for the cams?:2,4,8 degrees. Or, should I leave them "straight-up" w/ the original keys? Assuming I preload the tensioner w/ oil as the febi direcs say, and use all new dble crank gears w/ new rails top and bott, is it safe to "not" off-set the cams. The chain is new also. What iam getting at is I don't have a degree wheel but am not using "used" parts for reassembly. When I get the new dble gears on the cams and the tentioner in position and have everything tight, will these marks on the cam alighn. I read in the man, I think, about the right cam being more advanced in normal running. I plan on turning the engine over w/ the bal on w/o plugs in a few times by hand. Could the right cam advance itself w/ the tentioner getting tighter filling w/ oil? Or will they always line up together at TDC. The car had 121k before I tore it down. The parts alone were $650 w/ h2o pump and I still need more misc items. Oh well it was free and I do like working on it too. Any other reassembly advice would be appreciated too. Thanks for the past pics too. Ill try to post some myself in the next couple of weeks and let you all know how it is going. les
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