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The best I found is Metric motors, can you do better than that?

I've found a shortblock from Metric Motors, for $2700 retail. a complete, ready to drop in longblock is $4900 retail, $350 core charge for head and block. This engine was ran without oil after a head job for $2000. After inspection, it has a new ignition system, a Holley carburetor (I felt at home when I saw that). I have built FE and 385 series Fords my whole life. I am totally impressed with this engine design. I thought Mercedes cars were all hype before I bought this car for $200. I found a master rebuild kit for $2250 retail ($50 more than a shorty from metric motors. I guess I will try to check refences on Metric Motors and then go with them. Can you make a fortune repairing mercedes cars? It seems so. I asked a local german auto shop for a R&R, rebuild on my motor. They quoted me $9500. I almost fell over dead. What is so expensive? Even a $2500 piston kit does not justify those prices.
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