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I have been doing mechanal work for 45 years on everything from lawn mowers to 40,000 hp super tanker engines under fire off shore Iran and do not dispute the advantage of penetrating oils in certain situations. Having repaired more than my share of car windows I realized the disadvantage of blindly spraying WD-40 or its ilk into the inside of a door hoping that some few drops will find their way to the problem. Not only will you waste a lot but it also can impregnate the upper seal and make it track oil onto the window each time you roll the window up. What time you save by nottaking off the door panel you will spend by cleaning the window. Any car that is 25 years old and having trouble with the windows should have the door panels taken off, the regulator cleaned and greased, the drain holes in the bottom of the door cleaned out, the bottom of the door checked for rust, the electric motor and gears checked, and the door opening and locking mechanism cleaned and greased. It is an hour well spent.
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