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Re: Problem with the windshield wiper (W124)

Originally posted by Dimmi
My windshield wiper is not working correctly on my E280 1993 W201. The problem is that stop too early when I turn it off. That is, it stops a couple of inches above its correct position (quite annoying since the viability is somewhat abated). Any one have an idea what the problem might be?

Tanks In advance
Does your wiper work OK otherwise? In other words, does it operate at normal speed, but just doesn't "park" at the proper position? If so, I'm not sure cleaning and lubing the internals will fix the problem. It's my understanding that lubing the internals is most helpful if you have a situation where the wiping speed has slowed down noticeably.

I don't know anything about how MB engineers the mechanism to get it to "park" properly, but I bet someone on this list does. May want to re-post this and change the subject line to something like "W124 wiper doesn't park properly" or some such if you don't get the answer you need on this thread.
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