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Angry New Member Needs Help

Hello everyone:
I am a new member in need of help.
I have found very valuable information in this forum. Before I ask my questions, I would like to let you know that I have done my homework and searched all the postings. I read the codes and they are as follows:
#5 EGR - used to be there before the work I did
#8 coolant temp sensor
#10 air flow sensor
I have a '94 E320 that is currently having idle problems, the idle flunctuates btw 300-1100 rpm, at all times, hot or cold. This happened only after some work was done on the car. These are the things I did to the car right before this idle problem occurred, I am not sure if my problem is related to any of these:
I changed the serpenine belt tensioner, changed the coolant, and cleaned the EGR crossover pipe. The pipe was clogged VERY badly, I had to disconnect it below the intake and clean it. I first tried to clean the pipe working through the intake by keeping the butterfly valve open and using a thin copper pipe with a speedometer cable to reach the pipe opening, this did not work. When veeping the butterfly opened, I was very careful not to damage it, I held it open by pushing the gas pedal to the end and letting the butterfly rest on a rubber pipe to hold it open. Could I have done any damage to it , although I was very careful and gentle with it?
I looked for disconnected vaccum lines but can't see any, I will keep looking though.
If I applyvacuum to the EGR, there is no noticable change in idle speed, but I KNOW that the pipe is CLEAN, I spent 2 hours cleaning it.
Is it possible that the egr is bad, but because the pipe was clogged the bad egr was not affecting the idle speed? And now that the pipe is clean, the symptoms appear?
It could be that the code#10 appeared b/c when I first started the car I forgot to connect the air mass sensor plug, however after connecting it, the idle problem was not fixed.
I think my proble can be a bad egr, or a vacuum leak, please help me with any ideas here. Before I did all the work on this car everything ran fine and only CE light with code #5 stored was on.
Help is very much appreciated.
Thank you,
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