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I agree with the above two recommendations about checking your engine wiring harness. It is surely bad. They are all bad from 1993-1995 on 3.2 liter M104 engines.

It may (or may not) be causing some of your problems.

However, I don't think the engine wiring harness is causing your idle to fluctuate. It can be one of three things:

1. vacum leak: could be a problem with a vacum hose that has come loose or is not attached properly. You could also have a leak at the intake manifold gasket.

2. Mass Air Meter - A bad mass air meter will allow the idle to hunt up and down.

3. Throttle Actuator - They have potentiometers that wear out over time. The wiring harness for the actuator also goes bad for the same reason the engine wiring harness goes bad - flaking insulation.
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