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1980 300D into 1982 240D AND I NEED HELP!

Donor and recipient cars are automatics. The 300D driveshaft has a bad center bearing on the driveshaft. The driveshaft has also been "tampered" with without taking care to keep everything lined-up. Not my doing. Would I be better off to have my 240D driveshaft shortened (it's in great shape) and balanced or do the repair work to the 300D driveshaft?

Is it absolutely necessary that I change the differential from the 300D to the 240D?

Is there anyone on this forum that can tell me if the 300D engine IS in fact a 1980 by these numbers, (617 912 12 106 286), stamped on the block above the oil filter housing?

Can I use the 240D oil cooler with this 300D engine?

Am I correct in assuming that the trans lines will need to be swapped from the 300D to the 240D? A/C lines?

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