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Unhappy power problem

Its 33 degrees C at the moment and I had to have my a/c on with 2 passengers on board. The area is very hilly and the roads can get quite steep. My car won't kickdown automatically far enough like 4 to 3 only so I have to use the kick switch and it goes another gear to 2. This does not happen to be low enough so I move the handle to 3 and nothing happens because its already in 2? I didn't move it to 2 because this is not advisable when the car is running and the accelerator is on the floor? Its a Euro C180 with already 194,000kms. It feels so powerless that people are getting around me and accelerating off when I cant't do anything but creep along. Very disgusting it is. I kickdown twice and three times, but no further changes occur with the gears. Is the engine buggerred? Are the pistons worn out? I know the car is ridiculously underpowered, don't tell me! But then it should be able to go uphill even with a full load of 4 reasonably weighted people. Whats wrong with it. Don't tell me its normal again for the C180!
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