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Hello Everyone and thank you for the reply. Just to clarify, i did not mean i was going to repaint the long block, i was just using them as an example of durability in engine paint.

I have a couple small nick nack peices I want to paint. I took the parts off the car and used paint remover and took it down all the way to the metal/aluminum.

I used black shinny enamal paint and put a couple layers. Then i used the high temperature clear coat paint. I am hoping that will the clear coat high temp paint, that it will help make it last longer.

I dont want to use Gunk foamy engine brite degreaser on my engine someday only to find the paint coming off, lol.

Question: will putting the small pieces in my oven help speed up the drying/curing time? I know paint shops have those big booths to help speed up drying time, since i have small engine peices, maybe i can use my home oven for this purpse
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