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Somewhat typical of 103 engines, but worse than usual on HC. The CO indicates the basic mixture setting is okay, and the 0.1 % percent O2 indicates that the HC could probably be brought a little below the limit if the converters were hotter and consumed that last little bit of O2 to oxidize HC and CO.

A couple of threads in the last month or two have similar discussions of six and V-8 emissions from this era models. The sixes tend to be "dirtier" than the V-8s.

My suggestion would be to get the car retested. Go to a drive through place when the line is short and keep the engine at 2K revs prior to turning it over to the tech. Make sure the car has been driven at least 20 minutes in the city before having it tested, and it is preferable to have a freeway jaunt.

Have it tested on a rainy day and ask them to run the "tire dry test". This will heat the converters up a bit prior to beginning the 15 MPH test.

One thing you DO NOT want to do with a 103-engined model is just drop it off at some smog check place and pick it up later. You need to "manage" the way the car is tested, with particular attention paid to having the converter as hot as possible prior to the test.

In a recent thread an owner threw a lot of money at the car - new converters and O2 sensor as I recall, and passed the test, but not by much. I felt he could have passed by properly managing the test using the methods I mentioned above. It would have been a lot cheaper.

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