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Unhappy My last cry for help on my 300E

Hello Board, my 300E has this frustrating hesitating problem:

During the first start of the day, the car idles seamless and throttle response is great. Well after about 10 minutes of driving, the car will develop a slight hesitation. After about 20 minutes of driving, the car will SEVERLY hesitate and idle becomes rough. When I press on the gas, the car will NOT respond for about 2 seconds, and then shoot off like a rocket. This is very dangerous when I an trying to merge into traffic.

I have a feeling that it might be fuel pressure related, because it is as if the fuel pressure builds up overnight, and then after driving the fuel pressure will fall and that is when the car starts to hesitate.

Any opinions on what could be the culprit??

Fuel pressure?

Ohh I have changed so many parts
1987 mercedes 300E
1995 e320 conversion(hated the 300e grill)
HID/Xenon (D2S)
Keyless Entry
Monochromatic Paint (Custom Blue)
Smoked Tails
Flat Badged (front)
Debadged (rear)
custom "carbon fiber" console
18 inch HP EVO rims
Sold! Now I drive a Monte Carlo SS
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