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is single that bad??

My aunt's 83 380SEL w/ 105,000 miles on it has the original chain and rails. I checked chain stretch and it was about 10 degrees. The rails are beer bottle brown. High time for a change. After having done the chain on my 420, they are going to let me do it saving them a ton in labor costs. Also after having done mine, I can probably do this in half a day barring any unforseen catastrophies (which are almost guaranteed, right??).

So here's the you all know...this thing is a single row. After having done a search the consensus is "if you're one of the ones still running the ancient single row....convert! now!" But...this obviously requires 10 times the labor. They are not planning on keeping the car but for maybe another year or two, and this chain and rails have done just fine for the last 100 grand. For this situation, is there really any hard pressing reason to go through the trouble to convert to a double row?

Question 2: Any reason to use woodruff keys? I've heard some about these as far as performance, but don't really know much about them as far as a necessary repair item.

Question 3: I've heard a lot of people here preach that you absolutely must replace the cam gears when you do the chain. I don't remember Thomanpin doing it on his pictorial. Also, single row cam gears are $80 each. Is this REALLY necessary??

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