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another eurolight thread for w124...

Okay, I've finished mulling over the past thread on euro lights, and have a few questions. Well, I just ordered DEPO's for my 300e and I plan on going with the slyvania silverstar H4's and H3's as I heard they are more appealing to look at. My question is what kind of bulb do I need for the city lights and how exactly do I hook them up, through the harness? I also got the empression that my parking light switch will now control the city lights, true? Do I need relays and a heavy duty harness for these lights w/ 50 watt regular bulbs? one thread said I did. My last question is where I can find just the harness and instructions for switching to eurolights, and maybe a site with the H4's and H3's for cheap? Wow! That's a lot of questions, sorry everybody.
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