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Originally posted by Marshall Booth
This is not real unusual in OM60x engines (I think early ones more commonly). I had it happen on one of my 601 engines and know of it happening on other 601 and 602 engines (I've diagnosed it correctly over the internet at least 3 times). I know of it happening on 2, 2.2 and 2.5 liter engines. I had never heard of it happening on a 603 (3 or 3.5 liter) engine. The picture look exactly like the blown gaskets I've seen.

The head gasket between the #1 cylinder and the chain vault blows out. I believe the "new" head gaskets revised in the late '80s reduce the probability a lot! NONE of the 601/602 engines had any con rod problems. This is NOT what happens with 603.97 engines as they burn oil because the rods are bent - not bend rods because they use oil! Their head gaskets ARE fine!

Very true stuff however, any rod can bend given a large enough dose of uncompressable liquid. Once the head is off and the t-chain is swinging, checking deck height is too simple a procedure to pass up. (I found a pair of bent rods in a 302 this way once, car had gotten a set of heads from another shop who could not get it to idle decently)I will always take the time to measure deck height on any engine with evidence of hydro-locking.

Gotta love the .97 mill, that thing would bend rods for the hell of it. Not to mention the number of 'em I've seen as of late with chain stretch causing lots O smoke and noise. I honestly think it was a static compression issue resulting from higher boost numbers and higher fuel loads.

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