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Unhappy 300DT '87 won't start after fuel filter change

My first posting; thanks all for your help.

I changed both fuel filters on my 87 300DT and about 12 inches of fuel line that looked tired. The car, which was running fine prior to the maintenance, will no longer start. I have cranked it for many minutes hoping to bleed the system without any results.

The prefilter is clear, and it is full of fuel.
When I remove the banjo bolt from the line from the canister style filter to the injection pump, diesel comes out.

I have place this line in a cup and collected fuel with cranking, though I have not measured the flow rate.

The fuel came out, rather than shot out.

There is no fuel emited from the injection into the hard line of the first injector.

I am puzzled about what is going on. Is the injector pump sensitive to the delivery pressure and volume of the fuel pump? I went as far as using a small transfer pump to squirt some fuel directly into the injector pump to try to see some activity, but there was no flow out of the injector pump.

Any help would be appreciated.

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