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Been there, done that ...

The trouble with this sort of problem is that it could be one of about ten things wrong, and maybe even a combination. And without some serious diagnostic tools, you are kind of stuck throwing parts at it.

Given your symptoms, if it were my car, here is what I would suspect:

- vacuum leak at injector seal or manifold causing lean misfire

- bad injector(s) leaking or not opening at idle causing either rich or lean misfire.

So, I would see if Auntie would pop for a new set of injectors and seals - about $220. A very enjoyable wrench for you. Even if this does not fix the problem, it will eliminate a likely cause, probably make the car run better, and the injectors and seals will be good for another 100K.

You can do the injectors one at a time, and while you have one out, run the pump to purge the line and get any crap out of it.

After that, if it still misses, I would start looking into the electronics.

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