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Well, my car got burnt and my doors wont work... HELP! (please...)

OK, this is a continuation of a previous post, but, I really need some help...
I have a 2000 CLK 430 Cab. I bought it after somebody lit the top on fire (dont' you hate it when that happens???). The place I bought the car from replaced the carpet, the center console as well as the front door panels... I have replaced the rear panels, and had the back seat repaired and recovered. As well as spending a small fortune on a new top.
Here's where I need the help. The car is great, runs perfectly, and I couldn't be happier... with the exception of a one incredibly ugly electronic gremlin that I can't seem to get my arms around. The left door is dead. No seat controls, no window controls, and no mirror control. When I replaced the car battery it it dosen't again. I did get it reset once by pulling the fuse and replacing it again... I went to an independent shop that has ordered a door control unit that goes for about 120, plus, I 'm going to be into it two hours of labor. By the way, the seats will function if tilted forward for back seat entry. So, as much as I don't like that, they think that'll fix the problem. So, today, I get in my car (it was at the airport, I'd been out of town for 4 days...) and the LEFT DOOR IS DEAD NOW!! UUGGGGHHH! Should I have the shop that is replacing the drivers side door control replace the passenger side one was well? My only concern with that is I'm afraid that its too big of a coincidence that both sides have gone out. I don't want to bring it a dealer because the car is under a full-blown star mark warranty and I don't really want them dealing with the fire repair for fear that for the rest of the cars life, they will tie EVERYTHING that might ever go wrong to that, even though, aside from these issues the car is perfect. In advance, thanks for taking the time to read the post, and thanks for the advice.
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