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All good advice but I have two problems---
First, this auto is part of her late husband's estate and unfortunately if I buy it, I cannot negotiate below the set Blue Book price as per the lawyers for the estate. She told my wife if she knew we wanted the car she would have given it to us and not listed it as his property. My intentions are to fly up and use my judgement (with all of the excellent info obtained here) and either buy it and drive it home or walk away and fly back.
Secondly, in the past 7 weeks I lost my job in which I had a company car and two weeks ago my wife t-boned a car in her Miata, totalling it and the guy that was at fault has NO insurance and the car wasn't even registered.
So I am in need of at least one auto. I have looked at prices for this model year and found most to be above this asking price with much higher mileage. Now I know what happens when you "assume" something and I am assuming an awful lot here. Both you guys are right on about getting it checked out but I will probably not have time to do this by a mechanic. I have a pretty good knowledge of cars although nothing about diesels. The info you have shared is GREAT and will go with me when I inspect the car. I will crawl under it, do the start test and since it will be winter when I go in a couple of weeks that should be a good time to test it. I will also get the service records and scour them closely.
In taking your advice, I will attempt to find a MB mechanic near her and if it can be worked out, set an appointment and get a once over the same day I am there.
Finally, my wife's Aunt is a very smart individual and knows a fair amount about MB since they owned 3 of them. I have to believe that with less than 8,000 miles per year put on the car and with their love of the auto it has to be in reasonable condition at the least.
If I think it has problems I won't buy it. I will only be out a few thousand frequent flier miles and the upside is I get to visit with the Aunt a few hours.
As far as sightseeing in DC is concerned, no was part of my territory the past two years and I've seen enough to last me a lifetime! The traffic..AAARRRRGHHHH!!!!!!
Thanks again for the help. Ya'll are great!
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