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I took delivery of mine in early October. The cars have been out in Germany since about April or May. I drove one in Germany in June and fell in love.

I came back from another European trip about Sept. 20 and went straight from the airport to the dealer. By not being picky about colors and such I was able to end up with my Six speed C240 about a week and a half later. Long story, but I have not been driving it all the time. But I have managed to put 5K miles on it including a trip to Gatlinburg, TN from Texas.

The engine family has been out several years and there are no problems that have yet to show up.

There are only two complaints that I've had with my car. One of them repairable and one not without taking the risk of them causing some other problem in the door.

The door when slammed, and this was on the demonstrator as well as my car, makes a rattling noise. The good news if you shut the door gently, it closes well and you don't hear the noise. It doesn't hurt anything, it just doesn't sound like an MB door closing. I will not allow anyone to take it apart, because I'm afraid they'll cause more problems than they will fix.

The second problem is a software bug that has to do with the SOS system. The tech that I use is an old friend of mine and he called me to tell me has the software patch and is ready to install it, I just haven't gotten by there yet.

As far as I can tell so far, this is a great car. I was excited about it, because MBUSA finally decided to sell me a manual transmission car again.

If you're interested, I have several posts about the car, the comparison of it to my stick shift 300E, and an engine review posted in the featured cars section.

Enjoy your new C240,
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