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Unhappy power problems

The trouble with my neighbourhood is that its very hilly being a former fruit orchard district. They made the roads on the ups and downs instead of cutting a lot more to level the road's gradient. There are a few traffic lights along these roads and some at the bottom. Also there are intersections which we have to slow down to avoid collisions in case of another car entering the main road suddenly. The speed limit is 70kph and you cannot keep this speed going up and down. Very often we are caught at the bottom red light or slowed down by heavy vehicles. My car struggles uphill unless I can go at 90 to 100kph and it will get through without too much fuss. However, the cops are usually there when you don't expect them and the radar is pointing at you! I reckon the C220 or higher will be able to cope with this better. I'll have to move to a flatter area or change to a higher powered car.
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