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Question Metal transmission cooler lines replacement


My wife just before Thanksgiving had the misfortune to hit a deer with her beloved dark blue 84 300D just a mile from home and thinking nothing serious happened drove home. Fortunately, she was unhurt, but when she got home she "noticed" that the hood was bent, the grill smashed in, and the right headlight demolished. After examining the car, I also found that the radiator was smashed into the fan and beyond repair, the aux fan was smashed in and the right steel transmission fluid line got bent and was leaking right at the grommet attaching it to the oil pan. I wanted to scrap the car and find another but my wife would sooner part with me than with her baby. (the baby is getting pretty old!) To make a long story short, I have been shopping for parts and have now replaced or am in the process of replacing everything but am uncertain about the transmission line. My question is: How hard is that to replace? I have found that I can do lights, hood removal, radiator replacement, etc., but have never tackled transmission lines. Is it a major job to replace the metal line(s) and/or are there any special tricks or things I should know before I jack up the car again? I have searched the archives but can only find references to the rubber lines connecting the steel ones to the radiator. Any assistance anyone could provide in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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