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On my 190e there are 3 parts to the right side cooler line.

1. The metal line connecting to the trans, then stops at the front of the block.

2. The rubber line with a spring wrapped around it, that connects to #1.

3. The metal line that runs down the radiator and connects to #2.

All are pretty easy to replace. It looks like you are talking about #1. If so, its just a matter of lining it up correctly, because it is bent in several directions to connect at the appropriate locations to the block. It should be pretty evident when you put it up there. 1 caution - When i put mine in I had used the old copper crush washer, where the banjo(?) fitting connects to the trans. When i started the car trans fluid started shooting everywhere, so make sure you get a new crush washer, and tighten it down pretty hard. I was suprised how hard i had to tighten mine down. You will know if its tight enough if there is no fluid leaking.

This all assumes of course that your system is similar to mine.
1988 190e 2.3 with 91 engine
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