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Originally posted by Hatterasguy
I would say depends on how long you are going to keep it. If less then 100k miles just drive it. If for a long period of time then I would change the oil in the first 1k miles and drive slowly, with no high rpm runs. I don't know why Honda says to keep the oil in there for 10k. Were they paying for maintance? Honda doesn't make there own "special" oil, it sounds like they just didn't want to pay for it.
Honda isn't paying for the maint - the customer does which makes it even harder to comprehend. Normally when you pull into a dealership, they try to sell you all sorts of things that you don't need. This made the 10K thing even harder to understand?

I've always changed oil & filter after the first 2000 miles. So far this hasn't hurt, but the last new vehicle I did this to was a 1995 model. interesting debate.
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