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I just purchased a used 95 c280 with 54+K. I think I got a good deal (under 19K) with 3 years star.

URL for the car is

I have lots of questions...

1. The dealer is about to fix the car up for me..What should I have them ensure they check?

2. The car comes with stock tires and wheels. I live in lower NY, so I am worried about snow on occasion, but I also drive 60 miles a day on backroads. I want performance and safety in Snow. Should I forgo performance for Snow tires, or are there any performers out there that will satisfy this safety requirement? What about wheels To?

3. I've been reading about a 75-100HP NOS kit should give you great power (abeing in spurts) for under $1K. What is this?

4. What's the deal about 'lowering' the car? What does this do for you, and should I have it done by the dealer before delivery?

5. Can anyone tell me a little about the engine? M???. It lists as a 1995 C280 2.8 Liter. How many HP? It is a 6, right!??

6. Although its supposed to be wired for a cd changer, I am not going to pay what they asked for only 6 cd. What can I do about installing one after market?

7. What is a a grill badge award??????

8. If I do anything to the car by adding a NOS or Lowering it, will it affect its resale value in 2 years?

9. During the test drive, I noticed the engine had that 'merc engine whine'. Is this normal for the 280C?

Thanks for your time and patience with this newbie!

David Weis

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