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Question HELP: 91 300 sel climate control electronics

91 300 SEL - 145,000 mi., documented regular service.

I've spent the better part of this Sunday searching through your archives, but more confused now than ever. Before I buy a 'for sale' sign', maybe some advice?? (I've tried jiggling the key)


6 months ago - when purchased - didn't seem to get too much heat under dash, but powerful in defrost and upper vents .

3 months ago - blower fan set on Auto (at operating temp)- moving from high to low erratically and quickly (only happened once a week.) Either heat or A/C worked fine. Fan very powerful.

2 weeks ago - AUTO setting seemed not to be working at all - but high worked fine, low - hard to tell. NO squeaking, clicking, etc.

3 days ago - blower fan won't run on any fan speed, any temp, A/C on or off.
2 days ago - Blower fan working on high again for 30 seconds, then shuts off.

Today - no fan at all, regardless of settings.

A/C seems to be engaging, as engine pitch lowers when the A/C buttons are pushed. Pitch goes up on economy setting.

All roads on this board seem to lead to first replacing the Monovalve - NOT.
Any ideas???
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