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I'm glad to read this review. Since a basic (already loaded) LS-430 doesn't cost much more than a new E320, I've been giving them some serious consideration.

The problem with the LS-430 is that it's too big not to mention boring. There's a saying that there's no excitement at a Lexus dealer but they do offer some really great buys on cars with the best reliability in the business.

Other than it's a FWD, the ES-330 beats the C-Class in just about every aspect and sells for at least $5K less.

Even though I'm surrounded by Lexus owners on my cul-de-sac, my wife can't generate any interest in them. Looks like another E-Class for us or maybe a C320.

BTW, the tilt-down mirror came from BMW's 7-Series. Just about everything else came from Daimler-Benz.
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