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Wow... I just went on to ebaymotors and I noticed that the 1990 LS400 looks a lot like the new W220 S-Class!

All the window switches are on the driver's door, the real retractable center armrest is missing! Lexus came out with this first, not Mercedes. I think I am going to be sick.

That's it, as of this moment, I am no longer a fan of the W220. I am throwing out my S55 AMG Kompressor dream. Originality comes first in my book. I will keep my eye on Lexus to see what the future holds.

As bad as you think the new Lexuses are compared to the previous models, the new Benz's are asolute technological nightmares. Just go to

The S55 AMG Kompressor engine goes into a W126, now.
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