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Eek, my most recent problem..
My car has been studdering at certain times lately. It's when I'm pushing on the gas any more than about 5% and the rpms are below about 2800. It's like it drops a cylinder or two and it just misses hard and studders. For some reason it seems to pick up after 2800 rpms, and so if i hold it past that point on up it seems to fire and rev fine, or atleast pretty close. But then when I come to a stop it will studder and sputter at idle. It may almost die, but it hasn't died yet even if I just let it sit.

The funny thing is that it doesn't do it all the time... usually when warm and oddly enough, mostly when it's raining. I also noticed that it seems to do it more often when I have driven it then parked for a short period and started back up. Once it starts having the problem, it doesn't stop during the period that I drive. When I let it sit again for maybe an hour or two and let it cool, it usually is ok again.

I recently replaced the plugs and ive put cans of fuel and injector cleaner in to see if maybe it was just gunk.

Any ideas? Possibly fuel filter, pump, injectors?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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