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Up or Off ?

280c, if this is of any help cosidering that which you already have recieved. For the W124030 chassis. The hood remains attached but in the vertical up position. If you are removing eng and trans as a unit, the whole car must be raised or a hole must be mid-line of the car to allow the end of the trans to go low enough for the engine to obtain enough front highth to clear the radiator. After all electrical and fuel connections have been disconnected and stod away, the exhaust is removed at the two exhaust manifolds, both intake and exhaust manifolds remain on the engine. The cooling fan and belts are removed so the radiator remains in position but the hoses are removed. Protect the radiater with a protective cover. The drive line is diconnected at the front coupling or joint. Disconnect all motor/trans suports. Hook on at the engine lifting spots and have at it I theeeenk! Boy now wasn't that long winded. I'm glad you didn't ask for the time for I would have told you how to make a watch. Didn't you want to know something about the hood? Oh well Happy Trails Beep Beep from Houston. I knew I forgot something, Drain the fluids. Someone else will bring up some things

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