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1997 E420 - Buy it or not?

I just drove an E420 at an MB dealer. It has 60k on the clock and the service is up to date but it had some issues. I fell it still might be a decent deal. Here are the problems:

1. Slight idle stumble occurred once while waiting at a stoplight. Lasted 2 seconds, did not occur again.

2. Cruise control stalk broken off.

3. Switch between the driver's side window switches was broken off.

4. Creak from drivers seat in hard right turns

5. Rust spot around trunk lock

6. Front right fender 0.25 inch out of alignment, no evidence of any other damage.

7. Louder idle than the E320s I've driven. Sounds the same when driving at speed.

Without any repairs I can get the car for $17,000. Should I move forward with it? Are the idle issues normal for the 420?

Thanks in advance for your advice,
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