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- Remove the hood.
- Remove the engine WITH transmission.
- Put the hood back on (don't scratch the paint).
- Fix stuff.
- Installation is reverse of removal.

Oh, and when you pull the tranny. Be careful with the drive shaft. It's in two sections and if you don't fully disconnect it from the tranny, you run the risk of splitting it. If the splines are not reconnected exactly in the same positions, you will have to get it balanced.

While you have it out, inspect your engine mounts, tranny mount, the rubber disk that connects the drive shaft to the tranny and the "center support" on the driveshaft itself. These rubber parts deteriorate with age. Also check out the neat mini-shocks that dampen engine vibration. If you have to replace all that, it should be about 200-300$, but it's more than worth the effort and hell, you've already got the engine out of the way.

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