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Joseph Bauers
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123 wagon strut problems

In attempting to install new rear hatch struts in my 300TD, I have run into a big problem. I got one strut out, but could not seem to line up the bolt under the headliner with the strut and its receiving hole. I could get it into the opening of the strut, but I could not seem to get it threaded. Now, after looking at it carefully, I think that the first ring of threads may be cross threaded--with the strut out of the car, I can start the bolt, but only turn it a few times before it gets really tight, so of course I backed off.

Anyone with knowledge of how to fix a possibly stipped thread in this inconvenient place, please advise. Also, anyone who has a secret for getting the strut lined up correctly and getting the bolt through, then attaching the collar to the hinge, please let me know. Thanks.

Joe Bauers
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