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Angry Update - Please Help

Please read my first message in this thread for more background if you need.
My e320 is still having idle problems after I cleaned the egr crossover pipe. I know the following: the egr pipe is clean, the egr is tested and works. The engine first displayed codes #6 (idle control) and #10 (air flow sensor). I reset the computer and I have driven about 150 miles and no codes have apeared. CE light is not on. The idle continues to flunctuate, by 10 - 100 or so every 1 or 2 seconds. However, it seems to be geting more stable, but progressing VERY slowly. Is the ECU "learning" or something? I have looked for vaccum leaks but can't find any. Has this problem happened to anyone after cleaning the crossover egr pipe? Idle flunctuates when car is cold (1 or 2 min after cold start) or hot. It drives flawlessly, just when in idle it surges (N or P position does not matter). It seems to stay more steady when stopping after a ride on the highway, and then once you touch the pedal again it starts dancing up and down. Any ideas? Help is needed and appreciated. I have checked all the posts on the subject. I am in the process of "brewing" Arthur Dalton's tool. Will this tool help me to diagnose this problem? I suspect it is vaccum related.
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