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Warm air...Mono Valve problem?

I get warm air thru the vents even tho the temp. wheel is turned to the coolest temp. setting. I usually have the push button on the EC mode. To get cool air thru the vents, I have to turn the temp. wheel past the coolest setting where the air cond. compressor becomes activated. I was told this is not a good idea, since the compressor is always activated. If I hit the button to turn on the Air Cond., it works fine to provide cold air.

Is the problem related to the Mono Valve? It looks easy to replace, or to just replace the element inside. I was told by one parts company that a repair kit is not made for my model mercedes: 1982 300 turbodiesel. Alto, I seen the repair kit listed on another MB parts company.

Assuming the repair kit is available, do I just need to remove the 4 screws on top of the mono valve and remove and replace the rubber diaphram?
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