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First of all CJ you can view my posts on this site by going to SHOP TALK, FEATURED CARS.

Secondly, maybe I'm just lucky, although I don't think so, but my car has absolutely NO rattles except the closing of the door. Except for that this MB is like every other that I've ever owned. It feels like it's cast out of one piece. ZERO rattles.

I don't remember ever disagreeing with MBDoc, he's ALWAYS right on the money, and this is only an opinion call. But, except for some of the knobs instead of buttons, such as the seat memory and climate control knobs, I see absolutely NOTHING chincy about the interior.

The only other criticism I can offer is I believe there is too much suspension travel. I expect to put the Sport suspension springs and shocks later on. Even if I would've had time to order a car, I would not have ordered a Sport because of the chincy looking checkered aluminum trim in place of the wood. But I would very much like to have the shorter suspension travel.

Good luck,
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